For Teachers

Teaching Better – Feeling Better

The web application Didactic Profiler supports teachers in designing lesson plans and writing course manuals in an easy, secure and professional way. This tool enables teachers to make lessons more motivating, inspiring and effective. Choosing the most effective teaching strategy for a specific lesson (or part of a lesson) or specific group of students for a specific day and time has a great impact on the students’ motivation. The Didactic Profiler helps teachers to make lessons more 'attractive', which has a direct positive influence on learning outcomes.

For Management

Evidenced-Based Educational Innovation

The Didactic Profiler is an online tool with the potential to improve teaching skills and motivate students. It also provides management with a useful management tool and monitoring instrument. Analysis of The Didactic Profiler statistics enables interpretation of the facts and figures regarding educational quality. This is a powerful tool for those who monitor the quality of education and are accountable at management level for the learning outcomes of the institution.

Quality and learning outcomes

"Learning in the 21st century". Educational professionals are collaborating intensively to realise a system for quality assurance. Their central aim is to create an effective system to guarantee and measure the quality of education programmes (Evidence-Based Education). This has made accountability for educational quality a crucial task for management. The intelligent software tool Didactic Profiler allows management to complete this task quickly and in a structured manner.

Assuring educational quality

Higher professional and vocational education (HBO/MBO) employs many experts from the field as teachers. These teachers have no teaching experience/qualifications and lack sufficient teaching skills. The Didactic Profiler offers teachers the appropriate teaching strategies and provides management with the required information to realise critical reflection and professional growth on an individual and team level (assuring educational quality).

Teaching strategies database

The Didactic Profiler has been developed on the basis of tried and tested scientific models. Its clear structure enables any teacher to prepare didactically sound lessons or courses. This results in transferable lesson series on which several colleagues can work at the same time, and with which students can be given selective information. Each lesson arrangement can be adapted easily and at any time to the teacher's own vision and preferences. For a quick reminder, an Infographics series is available.

Measuring quality assurance

Now, the assessment process can easily be tested by the management responsible. Statistics processed in the Didactic Profiler show clearly what choices were made and offer the opportunity to monitor, discuss and analyse the didactic development. Education and curriculum quality assurance becomes transparent, transferable and uniform in terminology, thus enabling evaluation. This puts the organisation in control.

Didactics: The art of teaching

The software has been developed by educational experts and teacher trainers. The Blended Learning theory, starting from the student and the topic, is the basis of our educational theory. Teaching in the 21st century is a combination of captivating, effective and outcome-oriented education. We are convinced that the art of teaching lies in the didactic choices made by teachers during their lesson preparation (assuring educational quality). An inspiring learning environment now enables optimum learning for each student.

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